Top 10 Reasons Being a Stylist is the Best Job Ever

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Being a stylist is one of the most sought after careers of the moment. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s a pretty sweet job. I mean you get to shop and hang out with beautiful people all day.

Of course, those aren’t the only reasons to consider wardrobe styling as a career. We have created a Top 10 List of Reasons Why Being a Stylist is the Best Job EVER! Check it out …

1.) Shopping, shopping, and more shopping!

If you love to shop, then wardrobe styling is definitely the job for you. Your job is to shop. Shopping in department stores, showrooms, boutiques, costume houses … you get paid to be a shopping machine.

2.)  Beautiful clothes are your new best friends

As an aspiring wardrobe stylist you probably have spent most of your life drooling over fashion magazines and clothes that cost more than your rent. As as working stylist you will get to see and touch these beauties on a regular basis. Its a dream come true.

3.) Being your own boss (sorta)

Gone are the days of having one big scary boss. When you are a stylist you are working for yourself. Sure you will have clients that act as your boss, but those are on a job by job basis. Being your own boss is a beautiful thing.

4.) Your workday is always different

No Groundhog Day here! When you are a stylist everyday is different. One day you may be working on a music video, another day you might be dressing models for a music video. Everyday is a surprise in this profession.

5.) Working with the beautiful, the talented, and the famous

Who needs stylists anyway? Celebrities, musicians, and models mostly. If you are a stylist guess who you will be interacting with at work … Exactly!

6.) Traveling

This all depends on your client, of course, but stylists tend to do a bit of traveling. New York, Japan, Los Angeles, Paris … you never know where you’ll end up for a job.

7.) Wave bye, bye to your boring desk job!

If being chained to a desk is your biggest nightmare, then you will be happy to find out that you don’t have to spend too much time there. A lot of your job will involve being on set or in your car.

8.) Free clothes

We won’t lie, just because you are a stylist doesn’t means its going to be raining clothes 24/7 but occasionally the fashion fairy will drop a few treats in your closet.

9.) Backstage access to cool events

When you are dressing celebs and musicians you go where they go, which means backstage access to TV shows, concerts, and other cool events.

10.) Meeting new people

Like we mentioned earlier, your workday will always be different and that means meeting different people. Every job opens up the door for meeting new directors, photographers, makeup artists, hair people, models, celebrities, other stylists, and the list goes on …


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"The Top 10 Ways to Land Your Dream Job in Fashion"


"The Top 10 Ways to Land Your Dream Job in Fashion"