Stylist Spotlight: B Akerlund

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As you all may have already noticed, we’ve recently decided to start a new blog series featuring some of our favorite stylists. Many of which our fearless leader, Luke Storey has been privileged enough to work with throughout his career.

In this edition of School Of Style’s Stylist Spotlight we wanted to take a minute to pay homage to one of Luke’s longtime friend, colleague, and world class stylist … B Akerlund. Luke first met B years ago while he was working at a boutique on Sunset Blvd. He later had the opportunity to work with her on a number of styling jobs.

Luke once watched as B transformed the The Red Hot Chili Peppers into 10 decades of musical history in a 3 hour fitting, while prepping the music video for “Dani California”. It was from B that Luke also learned the fine art of creating a mood board worthy of a fashion coffee table book while they prepped the Madonna directed film “Filth and Wisdom”.

Most recently, B has been a great help to School Of Style by being a steady recruiter of our grads via our internship program, which she affectionately calls … “B’s Bootcamp”. B has been gracious enough to help quite a few of our grads learn the ropes out in the styling world.

Well that’s just about enough of our blabbing. Lets find out more about B and her incredible career as a stylist in her Stylist Spotlight. Enjoy!

School Of Style: What made you want to become a stylist?

B: The fact that I could get paid for something that I love to do.

SOS: How long have you been styling?

B: For 17 years.

SOS: Who are some of the artists that you have worked with?

B: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Fergie, The Black Eye Peas, Blondie, Ozzy, Robbie Williams, and more.

SOS: Who have been some of your favorite directors/photographers to work with?

B: My favorite is my husband Jonas Akerlund. He is the inspiration to my life!

SOS: How did you get your start as a stylist?

B: By paying my dues and believing in myself as an artist and never giving up. But most of all following my dreams …

SOS: How long did you work as an assistant?

B: For me … not very long. I learned the hard way by teaching myself and making mistakes!

SOS: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

B: People I meet, travels around the world and doing tons of research.

SOS: What was your most memorable experience as a stylist?

B: Not sure, there are too many. They all seem to blend together.

SOS: What is your favorite aspect of the job?

B: Creating new characters for people to vibe off of.

SOS: What was your most disastrous experience as a stylist?

B: Oversleeping on a job and not knowing where to be.

SOS: What is you least favorite aspect of the job?

B: The politics of money and keeping within a budget.

SOS: What is your greatest (styling) accomplishment so far?

B: Having my own style on things and making it my own.

SOS: Do you have a signature style?

B: Yes more, more and more and them some.

SOS: What is your favorite piece in your closet right now?

B: Don’t have one … I love it all!

SOS: What trends do you love right now?

B: I don’t follow trends, I go with what I feel is right.

SOS: Any trends that you are completely over?

B: The skull trend! It’s my thing and everyone should keep it moving.

SOS: Name your favorite shopping destinations?

B: I can shop anywhere since I am a shopaholic, so the destination doesn’t make a difference to me. You just have to be open to finding treasures everywhere and at times you will.

SOS: What qualities do you look for in an assistant stylist or an intern?

B: Dedication, organization, and inspiration.

SOS: What are your worst assistant pet peeves?

B: Having bad personal timing and not taking direction.

SOS: What’s your best advice for someone looking to get into wardrobe styling?

B: Work hard, play hard and find your own signature style!

SOS: Where can we see your work?


"The Top 10 Ways to Land Your Dream Job in Fashion"


"The Top 10 Ways to Land Your Dream Job in Fashion"