Is styling as a career the right path for me?

The fact that you’re checking out the FAQs on School of Style is your first clue. 🙂

Do you love fashion? Have your friends or family always commented on your style?
Are you a Vogue junkie? Are the red carpets more exciting than the awards shows?
Do you have a job that leaves you feeling unfulfilled and blah?
Where does your mind wander when you let it?

If the answer is style then you know you’re on the right track.

Check out this video about Getting Your Styling Career Started.

Is the fashion industry difficult to break into?

The short answer is: yes.

But don’t worry! That is why School of Style was created!

The fashion industry can look a bit like a maze from the outside, but on the inside it’s actually quite simple. School of Style takes you inside, demystifies the industry, and helps get you to work.

By completing one of our signature certification classes, you’ll be totally prepared to launch your career as a stylist as soon as you graduate.

Here’s your first lesson for free from School of Style founders Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah.

Will I be able to find a job after completing your classes?

School of Style prides itself on being the gateway to the fashion industry for aspiring stylists. No matter which class you take, you’ll be prepared to get to work.

SOS + good old fashioned hustle = endless job opportunities!

We also give you the added bonus of career preparation (much unlike most university programs!) which includes access to our alumni club, Style Society, for graduates of the Fashion Stylist Certification 9-day course.

Style Society give you unlimited continued learning, access to the private Facebook group where questions are answered each week, tons of perks and discounts from our favorite showrooms and studio services, and jobs sent right to your inbox from our more than 700 industry contacts!

Do I need to have experience in the fashion industry before attending School of Style?

Nope! An interest in working in the fashion industry is only the real requirement– we teach you everything you need to know to work as a stylist, but obvi you’re gonna want to like fashion.

Think of School of Style like a career bootcamp– you can definitely utilize any previous experience, but ultimately we will teach you how to become a Stylist from start to finish.

We have students from all over the world, every age and experience level take our classes and launch successful careers in fashion. If they can do it, so can you!

Want proof? Watch this. And watch this!

What can I do now to prepare myself for a career in fashion?

Taking a School of Style class would be our number one suggestion!

And while you’re waiting for your class to start, study up on designers, trends, magazines, other stylists and photographers and get familiar. (Who would’ve thought your Vogue subscription would be a business expense?)

Check out our YouTube channel for tons of lessons to help you get a leg up for your first day at School of Style.

Here are a few of our faves: video, video, video.

How much money can I make as a stylist? Can I make a living doing this full time?

Depending on the level of client you are styling, the sky is really the limit. You absolutely can make a living doing this full time!

Be aware that like any creative career, there can be some growing pains– a certain amount of assisting before you start to key style as a Fashion Stylist or a period of ‘test clients’ for Personal Stylists.

Many students take BOTH the Fashion Stylist Certification and the Personal Stylist Certification classes so that they can supplement their work/income with Personal Styling while building their book. Having both certifications can also be helpful if celebrity styling is your goal because often a celebrity stylist tackles both!

We offer bundle discounts for students who want to enroll in both classes. Email [email protected] to get hooked up!

What is the difference between fashion styling and personal styling?

Great question!

They truly are different career paths. The easiest way to think of it is, “Who are you styling?”

Fashion Stylists style models for runways or editorials, celebs for red carpets, clothing for advertisements, look books for designers, etc.

Personal Stylists style REAL people by curating their closets to fit a ‘personal’ style. Sometimes, these people are celebrities.

Often, stylists will do a bit of both so understanding the skills required for each job is a great idea. 🙂 We offer classes in both!

Watch this video of SOS Co-Founder and CEO Lauren Messiah about a day in the life of a Personal Stylist to see if that’s the kind of career you’re after.

Check out these grad success videos to get a better sense of what a day in the life of a fashion stylist may entail.

PS: If you’ve taken a class/started your career and want to expand your business (and double your income!) check out our Online Menswear Certification class.

Which class should I take?

Totally depends on your goals.

Check out “Fashion Styling vs Personal Styling” to get a sense of the career paths.

Of course, many students take all of the classes– in which case the question isn’t “Which should I take?” but “Which should I take first?”

Which order should I take the classes in?

The classes can be taken in any order, so don’t think you need to wait to get your career started.

If you have no idea which class to take and really just want to get a sense of the industry, we recommend jumping in to Summit of Style first. This class gives you insiders’ info that will help you decide if a career in fashion is for you.

In fact, Summit of Style is a great place to network and expand your knowledge even if you’ve already started your styling business with lessons about what the fashion industry is all about and some serious knowledge from many of the industry’s biggest players. Past guests have included Monica Rose, Brad Goreski, Johnny Wujek, Taylor Jacobson, and Jen Rade.

If you’re already sure that you’re in it to win it, then choose the class that best matches your career goals to start.

Can I afford to attend an SOS class? Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

Here’s another question: Can you afford not to? We are the premier fashion and personal stylist school in the world, launching the careers of thousands of Stylists in the past 10 years.

Taking a School of Style class is an investment in your future, much like going to college– except the difference is after you graduate we give you the resources to actually start working!

(Shoutout Style Society and the Personal Stylists Network!)

As we are a career training program, not a university, we do not offer scholarships or financial aid.

But before you freak out: we offer affordable payment plans to make the classes accessible to everyone who is really committed to getting their career in fashion started!

Check out this tutorial on how the payment plans work.

Do you have housing? Where should I stay? Can I get another student to be my roommate?

We do not offer housing, but we do provide students with a handy dandy travel and location guide to get a better sense of the area and offer tips of where to stay!

You totally can get another student to be your roommate. A great place to find out who is attending and start making connections in the private facebook page you will be added to upon registration.

Click here to get our info pack about traveling and housing during the course.

Am I too young to attend School of Style? Am I too old to attend School of Style?

Nope. And also nope!

Whether you are just starting out or making a big career change, SOS welcomes you with open arms and is committed to your success.

Check out this video for a little peak:

How to Break Into The Fashion Industry After 30

Can I visit the campus before attending?

We <3 NY! We <3 LA!

Making the class available in the fashion capitals of the US means we don’t have a brick and mortar campus.

I mean, you’re welcome to visit the locations where the classes are held, but we won’t be there! (In fact, if you try to visit, there will probably be shoots/fashion shows in there and it is pretty likely security won’t let you in. That’s why we give you access passes when you’re in the class.)

Where are the classes held? So glad you asked!

In NYC we teach you the ropes at Pier 59 Studios. Yep. NYFW has shows there.

In LA? Quioxte Studios in the heart of West Hollywood.

What if I need to miss a day of the class?

The Fashion Stylists Certification is a pretty intensive course. That being said, if you absolutely have to miss a day, we’ll work with you. Make sure you thoroughly communicate with our staff ([email protected]) your needs so we can get you all set up to succeed.

Oh, and don’t miss the last day. Final Projects + Certificates, of course!

For the Personal Styling class, we would recommend just jumping in the next available class (it’s only 2 days so that’s like 50%!) If you absolutely can’t wait to take it, also consider taking the Personal Stylist Certification online!

I can’t make it to LA or NY but I really want to take a class. What should I do?

If you’re dying to take a class and your calendar is brimming over so you can’t make it to a live class, we get it. And we got you!

ALL of our classes (except Summit of Style) are available online.

When you sign up online you can start learning right away.

Once you gain access to the online classes, you can take them at your own pace and fit them in with your schedule and goals.

Wanna Netflix-style binge? You can! Want to take it slow? You can!

For support, taking a class online gives you access to our private “Style Society Online Members” Facebook group where you can connect with other students, share inspiration and get your questions answered!

And as a bonus, if you sign up online and pay in full (not on our payment plan,) you get access to an exclusive group coaching call with Luke or Lauren to answer all of your questions and get your career started!

If you are in an online class and you think, “Gee! I’d love to be there in person!” you can reach out to our staff at [email protected] and we can upgrade you to the next in-person class!

Do you accept international students?

We love our international students!

We are proud to say that we have had students from every continent! (Except Antarctica… But maybe one day. :))

Choosing to take a class in the US can seem daunting if you are travelling from abroad, but don’t worry– it’s easier than you think.

First off, check with your country’s consulate to understand the visa requirements for travelling to the United States.

Check out this link to determine if (and what type) of visa is required.

Note: We are not legal experts and cannot determine your eligibility to visit the US! Please be advised that it must be clear that School of Style is not an accredited university program, and therefore does not require a student visa.

If travelling to the US isn’t an option, remember we do have our classes online!

If I take an online class do I get access to Luke and Lauren to answer my questions?

Of course taking an online class isn’t the same as being in the room with Luke and Lauren, but the benefits of flexibility make up for that. And don’t worry, you won’t be all on your own. Our private “Style Society Online Members” Facebook group is where you can get all of your questions answered.

If you’re choosing online but truly want to get the most ‘bang for your buck,’ career-wise, we recommend taking advantage of our exclusive group coaching calls with Luke and Lauren, available to students who choose to pay in full for their online class. (Not paying on a payment plan.)

What kind of support do I get after I graduate?

Besides having fans for life, (have you checked out the hashtag #ourgradswork yet?!) School of Style offers many opportunities for continued education, career growth and networking!

The pinnacle of grad support comes from Style Society, our Fashion Stylist Certification alumni club.

With Style Society, graduates are offered a members-only online platform with exclusive content like lesson videos and trend guides. They also are given the opportunity to apply for hundreds of internship and job opportunities that come through our offices from top Stylists and other industry contacts. Too good to be true? Well, add in the Style Society Black Card, the membership card that gives its holder access to TONS of discounts on studio services, showroom rentals and styling kit materials as well as FREE access to our bi-yearly Summit of Style class.

Oh, the perks of being an SOS grad! PS: #ourgradswork

Who are Lauren and Luke?

Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah are the co-founders of School of Style and have been training aspiring stylists for nearly a decade. Together they have launched the careers of thousands of stylists!

Luke, a former fashion stylist, had a long run styling everyone from celebrities to musicians to models. He noticed that the industry was lacking the access for aspiring stylists to launch their careers (hello? The fashion industry is like one big clique!), so with the help of Lauren, they created School of Style.

Lauren is a successful Personal Stylist, style expert and author. Check out her reel to get a sense of her style-savvy and consider buying her book, The Book of Style for more inspiration!


Jaclyn Senzino

SOS has given me opportunities I never thought were possible! I’ve been connected to some of the most influential stylist in the industry. I’ve already worked on a Vogue Italia shoot with Gigi Hadid, styled by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele,  and shot by Steven Meisel! Ever since graduating, SOS has turned my dream into a reality.


Robi Me

If styling is your passion, School of Style is the solution.


Brandy Joy Smith

School of Style was really helpful in learning the fundamentals of styling and key terms used in the industry. The way that Luke and Lauren present the content was really easy to understand and very applicable in the real world. I’m lucky enough to have had a thriving career as a NYC fashion stylist for many years since gradating.


Lisa Barry

The classes provide incredible information.  It would take you years of school to be able to extract the same amount of relevant information.  SOS teaches you everything you need to know to be successful- with none of the fluff.  Luke and Lauren keep it real and tell you exactly how it is and are also there to answer questions, support you and help you make connections in the industry.


Sarah Nearis

SOS taught me the core foundation of styling as a business, how to make it profitable and what it takes to make a great assistant. With those tools I’ve been able to freelance and assist some amazing stylists, having learned so much though the amazing hands-on experience of the classes.


Christin Galarraga

When I moved to LA I knew I wanted to do styling full time but I didn’t have the connections to open those big doors for me. School of Style opened those doors, and also gave me the tips and tools I needed to compliment what experience I already had. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my styling career.


Amber Alexandria

SOS has showed me how to run a styling business, taught me the fundamentals of the industry and opened doors that I didn’t know were possible to open. My first job was with Bea Akerlund’s styling team. We shot two of Beyonce’s music videos for her first visual self-titled album. Through SOS I also worked with Rushka Bergman on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print World Tour.


Tonya Lombardo

Since graduating SOS, I have worked with a TON of celebrities and high-level stylists.  Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Giselle Bundchen (3 times!), Alicia Keys, Drake, and Pharrell are just a few of the celebrities that I have worked with.  My highest profile job so far was my recent work with Beyoncé on the Formation video, the Superbowl 50 Halftime show and the just released Lemonade video. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today without School of Style.


Kerry Robinson

SOS has helped my career by transforming me into a high fashion editorial monster in the best sense. After taking the classes I have become more confident and versatile in the industry. I’ve gained tons of connections and have already worked on some huge jobs.


Reichelle Palo

Since graduating in 2011, Reichelle has worked for some of the world’s most powerful stylists including: Rob and Mariel, B. Akerlund, and Arianne Philips. Reichelle has even been able to take on a few jobs as a key stylist for red carpet events, fashion editorials, and press events.


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