What is School of Style?

School of Style is the fashion school for stylists. We’ve been training stylists from all over the world since 2008.

Our online programs teach you everything you need to know to get your career started in the fashion industry, at a fraction of the cost or time commitment of a traditional fashion school.

How does it work?

School of Style is a 100% online school, offering many different classes focused on various aspects of styling.

Here’s how you learn at School of Style:

  1. Sign up for a class (you can find our various offerings here)
  2. If the course you want is not currently open for enrollment, you will be invited to join the waiting list on that class registration page. When the class you want is offered again, you will be the first to know when it becomes available.
  3. Once your course begins, you will be given access to the program through the online portal.
  4. Next, join our private Facebook group for weekly live lessons and coaching. (Having a Facebook account is not required to take our courses. However, there is an added benefit provided within our groups)

Does School of Style offer live, in-person classes?

School of Style no longer offers in-person classes. We transitioned to a 100% online-only model as of January 2018. Online courses give our students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, on their device of choice, from anywhere in the world.

In addition to the convenience and effectiveness of our online learning platform, it has made our classes more affordable than ever. Another additional benefit of receiving your training online is that you won’t have to miss work or pay for travel expenses in addition to class tuition.

Do you accept international students?

Yes! School of Style is proud to have trained students from every continent in the world! So no matter where you are located, you are welcome to learn at School of Style.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

As we are a career training program, not an accredited university, we do not offer scholarships or financial aid. However, we do offer affordable payment plans to make the classes accessible to everyone who is committed to taking their fashion education and career to the next level.

How do the payment plans work?

Payment plans break the total cost of the program down into monthly payments. The amount of the payment depends on the full price of that particular class.

Once you enroll in a class using the payment plan option at checkout, your credit, debit card, or PayPal account will be billed for the first installment. You will be charged that same amount on or around the same date each month until all of your payments have been completed.

Registering for a class using a payment plan gives you the same access to the training modules as those students that pay in full. However, there is a slightly higher fee for payment plan tuition as indicated at checkout.

What is your refund policy?

We proudly offer a no questions asked, 30-day full refund. (Please see our complete terms and conditions here for details)

Will I be able to find a job after completing your classes? What kind of support do I get after I graduate?

For students that complete our courses, and apply the lessons we teach, our success rate is extremely high. In addition to providing our students with all of the tools necessary for success, we also offer many opportunities for continued education, career growth, and networking, through our various private Facebook groups and alumni support initiatives.

The pinnacle of our graduate support system is Style Society, our Fashion Stylist Certification alumni club.

As a perk of Style Society membership, our graduates are offered exclusive access to continued education, lesson videos and group mentorship in the Style Society Facebook group. Members are also are given direct access to hundreds of internship and job opportunities with the world’s top stylists, fashion editors, costume designers, and other industry professionals who recruit our students daily through our job referral program.

Do I need to have prior experience in the fashion industry before attending School of Style?

There are no prerequisite requirements at School of Style. We teach you everything you need to know to build a career as a stylist, at any level of experience. Whether you’re just starting out or need to take your career to the next level, our classes offer the powerful tools and resources you need to make it to the top. Think of School of Style like a career boot camp – you can utilize any previous experience, but ultimately we will teach you how to become a stylist from start to finish.

How much money can I make as a stylist? Can I make a living doing this full time?

Successful stylists are some of the highest paid professionals in the fashion industry, and with the training we provide your chances of success are increased dramatically. We’ve been fine-tuning our curriculum since 2008, and have taught thousands of aspiring stylists how to apply our powerful strategies for success.

(Do a quick search for the hashtag #ourgradswork on Instagram to see hundreds of our students living their dreams as full-time stylists at every level of the industry)

Despite our overwhelming confidence in our ability to set you and your career on the path to success, it’s important to note that like any creative career, there can be some growing pains. It’s likely that your journey will include a certain period of internships and assisting before you move up into a key stylist position as a Fashion Stylist, or a period of styling ‘test clients’ for Personal Stylists.

Many students take both the Fashion Stylist Certification and the Personal Stylist Certification classes so that they can supplement their work/income with personal styling while working their way up the career ladder as a fashion stylist. Having both certifications can also be helpful if celebrity styling is your goal because often a celebrity stylist tackles both!

Which class should I take?

t depends on your career goals. Think about the type of jobs you see yourself styling, and what your long-term vision looks like moving forward.

The main difference between the two careers is that being a personal stylist means you own your own business. You’re an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Personal stylists work in the private and corporate sectors, and style everyday people and executives by curating their closets to fit a ‘personal’ style. Sometimes, these people are celebrities, or public figures, although most personal styling clients tend to be average citizens from all walks of life.

Being a fashion stylist differs from personal styling, in that you are considered a freelance artist more so than a business owner (although as a fashion stylist your art is, of course, your business) Fashion stylists work within the fashion and entertainment industries. This means you will style models for fashion shows and editorials, celebrities for red carpet, advertising/commercials, and music videos for example.

It’s also important to note that a vast majority of your potential success as a fashion stylist is going to be located in major cities, such as New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, etc. There are of course opportunities for fashion stylists in other larger cities as well, but you might consider eventually moving to a major fashion capital if you want to achieve the highest level of career advancement as a fashion stylist.

By contrast, to have a very successful and lucrative career as a personal stylist, you would need to live in an area where there is some degree of affluence, where people would be likely to find your services useful, and be able to afford them. Personal styling also gives you much more flexibility regarding your schedule and personal life and obligations, whereas when working as a fashion stylist your schedule is dictated by the clients that hire you.

Am I too old to attend a School of Style class? Am I too young?

There are no age requirements to enroll in our classes. Whether you’re just starting out or making a significant career change, SOS welcomes you with open arms and is committed to your success. We’ve trained students as young as 16 and as old as 50+, who have gone on to establish careers for themselves. It’s not about your age- it’s about your commitment!

Do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes! Each of our courses (except for Social Media For Stylists) offer a downloadable certificate of completion upon finishing the last lesson. To qualify for a certification, you must have participated in the class in its entirety, so don’t skip any videos!

Is being a School of Style graduate a recognizable achievement in the fashion and entertainment industries?

Yes, absolutely! Industry professionals have been recruiting students directly from SOS since 2008. We have a network of over 1000 stylists, fashion editors, costume designers, PR showrooms, photographers and publications that hire our students on a daily basis. Many of the world’s top stylists build their entire teams using SOS graduates exclusively. Our graduates have gone on to work with all of the Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Most Powerful stylists as well as:

  • Beyoncé’s Lemonade visual album, Formation Tour, and Superbowl Halftime show
  • Full-time E-commerce Net-A-Porter and Barney’s.com
  • Editorial shoots with magazines like Harpers Bazaar, Nylon, Elle, Vogue, Wonderland, Interview, and Glamour
  • Ad campaigns for Lexus, Smartwater, Victoria’s Secret, and Levi’s
  • Fashion showroom internships
  • Various costume design jobs in film and TV
  • Fashion shows at NYFW and other cities
  • Personal Stylist client referrals
  • Paid Studio Services jobs at Bloomingdales and paid positions at various fashion libraries
  • Featured stylist on E! Network Oscars TV special, including VIP access to the Academy Awards
  • Paid digital/virtual styling jobs at Keaton Row, Stitchfix, and Trunk Club
  • Test shoots and editorials with up and coming photographers and brands

So, yes, being a School of Style graduate gives you an incredibly sharp edge in a very competitive industry!

When is the next class available?

Our classes become available at various times throughout each year, so be sure you check the Our Classes page and add your name to the waitlist if the class you want is currently unavailable! You will be notified the moment the class you’re waiting for opens for registration.

Can I talk to Luke and Lauren directly?

SOS Co-founders, Luke Storey, and Lauren Messiah are the primary instructors of all of the School of Style classes. While you are a student, you will have the opportunity to engage with them in the private Facebook groups for each class. However, they do not offer private one-on-one coaching or participate in student enrollment calls.

If you have additional questions, you can connect with our student support team by emailing [email protected]. Your email will be answered within 24 hours, during our regular business hours.

Our office hours are 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri EST, except holidays.


Rachel Jarvis

Since graduating from SOS I’ve worked Runway, Grand Theft Auto, a Dr. Dre TV show, a Blake Griffin Vizio commercial, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Chelsea Lately, After Lately, Ray Donovan, Joan Rivers and the list goes on. Right now I don’t have a website, I’m too busy already!


Jaclyn Senzino

SOS has given me opportunities I never thought were possible! I’ve been connected to some of the most influential stylist in the industry. I’ve already worked on a Vogue Italia shoot with Gigi Hadid, styled by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele,  and shot by Steven Meisel! Ever since graduating, SOS has turned my dream into a reality.


Holly Katz

Having a previous fashion education from another university didn’t compare to learning what we did in such a short time at the School of Style. It’s a different experience working with people currently in the industry vs. people who worked in the industry 25 years ago. School of Style’s main focus is getting you to work immediately.  No other program has your ‘personal’ career development and interests at heart.


Tonya Lombardo

Since graduating SOS, I have worked with a TON of celebrities and high-level stylists.  Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Giselle Bundchen (3 times!), Alicia Keys, Drake, and Pharrell are just a few of the celebrities that I have worked with.  My highest profile job so far was my recent work with Beyoncé on the Formation video, the Superbowl 50 Halftime show and the just released Lemonade video. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today without School of Style.


Christy Bamber

Being a lifestyle blogger, my career focus was a little different from many others in the course. I wanted knowledge to give me confidence to write about fashion. This intense 9-day course provided so much more than what I expected. Luke’s realist education about the world of styling provides a roadmap on how to be successful in this industry, without giving false expectations.


Kenzie Marie

I’ve always loved fashion and couldn’t wait to become a Stylist. As a graduate you become eligible for all the internships that are available, and the staff really try to support you as much as possible! I cannot wait to get my career started as a fashion stylist…all thanks to School of Style.


Amber Alexandria

SOS has showed me how to run a styling business, taught me the fundamentals of the industry and opened doors that I didn’t know were possible to open. My first job was with Bea Akerlund’s styling team. We shot two of Beyonce’s music videos for her first visual self-titled album. Through SOS I also worked with Rushka Bergman on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print World Tour.


Genevieve Tate

Thanks to SOS and the Style Society grad program, I’ve worked a lot with stylist Marni Senofonte as well as Beyoncé on ‘Project Lemonade’, her Super Bowl performance, the ‘Formation’ video and the ‘Formation World Tour’. I’ve also worked on two seasons of ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’


Keri L. Henderson

The best thing about SOS is the opportunity it affords you once you graduate. I would have never made the connections I did or have the opportunities I’ve had if I had not taken the SOS course. In just a short time I’ve received an internship and a paid assistant stylist position through referrals from people I met on SOS jobs.


Ali Levine

I am always able to find work, thanks to the teaching tips and School of Style’s amazing references and job opportunities! I was the Key Stylist on a Music Video for Hi- Lo, which was a fantastic opportunity. I’ve worked with Americas Got Talent, Grace VanderWaal, Lisa Vanderpump, Bellamy Young, loads of private clients, music artists, and many actors and actresses. I’m also working on some big covers for 2017 editorially and I was recently on fox Vegas and KTLA as a fashion expert.



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