Summit of Style
1 Day - 10am to 7pm


At School of Style, we’ve taken thousands of aspiring stylists and turned their dreams into a reality. Our Summit of Style class is where it all begins. In this powerful one-day class, you will become fully immersed in this rewarding and lucrative fashion career. We’ll share the inside secrets of this elusive industry and teach our thoroughly tested strategy for career success.

This class is a highly useful experience for stylists at any level, from beginner to professional. Our expert staff and guest teachers will skillfully guide you through every possible option available to you in the field of styling. You will learn how to infiltrate each level of styling from intern to assistant, to key stylist in the shortest possible time. You will learn how to overcome every possible obstacle along the way, and how to turn your passion and talent into a full-time, highly paid, life-long career.

You will not only learn directly from our highly qualified founders Luke Storey and Lauren Messiah, but you’ll also gain a massive body of knowledge through our impressive roster of leading stylists and from our most successful graduates.

Past guest instructors include Lori Goldstein, Brad Goreski, Maeve Reilly, Monica Rose, Joseph Cassell, B Akerlund, Jen Rade, Jessica Paster, Ilaria Urbinati, Johnny Wujek, Mary Alice Stephenson, Jeannie Mai, The Net-A-Porter Editor Team, and countless other world-class industry leaders.

Having the opportunity to learn from and interact directly with industry professionals at the highest level adds an exceptional value to this life-changing class. By the end of this course, you will have not only completed a class but also had an experience you will never forget.

Our January 21st 2017 LA class features top celebrity stylist Sophie Lopez (Kate Hudson, Jourdan Dunn) Christina Pacelli (Laverne Cox) and Lindsey Albanese (Stylist/Fashion Expert/Youtube Sensation)

*Guest teachers subject to change

What’s Covered:

  • An Introduction to a career in personal styling
  • Types of stylists
  • Types of jobs
  • The truth about stylist rates
  • What jobs pay the most
  • Dispel styling industry myths
  • Leverage your current skill set
  • How to avoid newbie mistakes
  • How to market yourself correctly
  • How to start your own personal styling business
  • How to become a menswear stylist
  • The raw truth by our grad panel
  • How to transition from your current job
  • How to find the best internships
  • How to find clients
  • How to find and approach top stylists
  • How to intern for the shortest period
  • Move up the ranks quickly
  • Secure a paid position fast
  • Learn how much to charge
  • How to avoid resume mistakes


Upcoming classes to be announced.


Claudia Alvarado

After receiving my certificate, I’ve worked for celebrity stylists Erin Walsh, and Johnny Wujek. Now I work as a Full time E-commerce stylist from and have worked for and running daily photo shoots with agency models. I am living my dream.


Keri L. Henderson

The best thing about SOS is the opportunity it affords you once you graduate. I would have never made the connections I did or have the opportunities I’ve had if I had not taken the SOS course. In just a short time I’ve received an internship and a paid assistant stylist position through referrals from people I met on SOS jobs.


Amber Alexandria

SOS has showed me how to run a styling business, taught me the fundamentals of the industry and opened doors that I didn’t know were possible to open. My first job was with Bea Akerlund’s styling team. We shot two of Beyonce’s music videos for her first visual self-titled album. Through SOS I also worked with Rushka Bergman on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Print World Tour.


Christy Bamber

Being a lifestyle blogger, my career focus was a little different from many others in the course. I wanted knowledge to give me confidence to write about fashion. This intense 9-day course provided so much more than what I expected. Luke’s realist education about the world of styling provides a roadmap on how to be successful in this industry, without giving false expectations.


Rachel Jarvis

Since graduating from SOS I’ve worked Runway, Grand Theft Auto, a Dr. Dre TV show, a Blake Griffin Vizio commercial, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Chelsea Lately, After Lately, Ray Donovan, Joan Rivers and the list goes on. Right now I don’t have a website, I’m too busy already!


Ali Levine

I am always able to find work, thanks to the teaching tips and School of Style’s amazing references and job opportunities! I was the Key Stylist on a Music Video for Hi- Lo, which was a fantastic opportunity. I’ve worked with Americas Got Talent, Grace VanderWaal, Lisa Vanderpump, Bellamy Young, loads of private clients, music artists, and many actors and actresses. I’m also working on some big covers for 2017 editorially and I was recently on fox Vegas and KTLA as a fashion expert.



Lydia Michael

Without a doubt, the best thing about School of Style is the network and opportunities. SOS sends high-profile job opportunities in the fashion industry to grads frequently as well as invites to some really cool networking events.


Nikii Watson

SOS helped my career by teaching me the business of styling. Yes, I love fashion, shopping, pulling clothes, and being on set – however learning how to monetize and operate, as a business has been most beneficial. Since graduating from School of Style I’ve worked with Ellie Kemper and Emily Blunt for the Oscars.


Jaclyn Senzino

SOS has given me opportunities I never thought were possible! I’ve been connected to some of the most influential stylist in the industry. I’ve already worked on a Vogue Italia shoot with Gigi Hadid, styled by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele,  and shot by Steven Meisel! Ever since graduating, SOS has turned my dream into a reality.


Holly Katz

Having a previous fashion education from another university didn’t compare to learning what we did in such a short time at the School of Style. It’s a different experience working with people currently in the industry vs. people who worked in the industry 25 years ago. School of Style’s main focus is getting you to work immediately.  No other program has your ‘personal’ career development and interests at heart.


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