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Learn How To Do What You Love For A Living!

Find out exactly how to become a stylist, so you can finally ditch your day job and start working your dream job. At School of Style #OurGradsWork

Since 2008, we’ve taken thousands of aspiring stylists through our certification program and have helped launch countless careers. During this powerful course (over 60 hours of training) you will learn exactly how to become a stylist.  There is no question that we provide the most extensive and hands-on stylist certification program in the country.

At School of Style, we pride ourselves in teaching students the “real deal” in a short period versus traditional fashion schools where you can expect to pay upwards of $100k per year and four years of your life.

At School of Style, You Will:

Go Through A Mock Styling Job From Start To Finish

From pre-production all the way to wrapping a job, by the end of this class you will be a pro at merchandising clothing, setting up for a fitting, steaming, taping shoes, and marking alterations.

Gain Hands-On Styling Experience

Our in-class exercises and off-site assignments (visiting Studio Services, costume houses, wardrobe supply stores, and more) will give you a realistic view of what working as a stylist is really about.

Learn From The Best In The Business

Unlike traditional fashion schools where the faculty “used” to work in the industry, our faculty and guest speakers are actual working stylists who provide up-to-date industry insight to pass along to you.

Earn An Official School of Style Certificate

Show the world you were trained by the most trusted and respected styling school in the country with your certificate of completion from School of Style.

Become Eligible For Our Style Society Alumni Club

As a graduate of our Fashion Stylist Certification, you will gain access to our exclusive graduate alumni club, Style Society. Perhaps our most coveted perk, membership includes the support of our community of fellow alumni, continued advanced training and mentorship, as well as many other benefits like our world-famous job placement network, which connects our graduates to the most high-profile employment opportunities the industry has to offer. * Membership fees apply. Click here for details

What Happens When You Attend School of Style’s Stylist Certification Program?

  • You will learn the fundamentals of the styling business
  • Master the art of styling and learn how to dress your clients.
  • Gain hands-on exercises that will prepare you for working on a photo or video shoot.
  • You will put your skills to the test and apply your newly found knowledge to your final project


Virtual Class Only

Fashion Stylist Certification’s 9 Day Schedule

  • Day 1- The Business of Styling
  • The career trajectory of a stylist
  • Different types of stylists
  • Types of styling jobs
  • How much money stylists makes
  • Learn how to conduct a pre-production meeting
  • Building mood and inspiration boards
  • Script breakdown from music videos and commercials
  • Official industry policies, and paperwork
  • How to shop like a stylist
  • Domestic and international shipping
  • Day 2- The Business of Styling
  • Setting up a fitting
  • On-set etiquette
  • Merchandising clothing, accessories, jewelry, and shoes
  • Taping shoes
  • Steaming garments
  • Making clothing look “camera ready” with pins and clips
  • How to mark alterations
  • Go inside a stylists kit
  • Wardrobe hacks
  • Taking editorial credits
  • Stain removal techniques
  • Returns
  • Wrapping a styling job
  • Day 3- Pre-Production *
  • Establishing creative direction
  • Building a digital or psychical mood board
  • Sending sample requests
  • *Please note that Day 3 is an off-site/ homework day. Students will NOT be in the classroom. School of Style does not provide transportation. Students are encouraged to drive themselves, carpool, or use services like Uber to offsite locations.
  • Day 4- The Art of Styling
  • Understanding key industry players (stylists, photographers, and designers)
  • Fashion history 101
  • How to pronounce designer names
  • Developing your eye through books and the media
  • Style archetypes and style inspiration guidelines
  • Identification of different garments, textiles, prints, and more
  • Hands-on styling challenges
  • Day 5- The Art of Styling
  • How to properly style for various jobs
  • Mastering the art of group styling
  • Techniques for styling on television
  • Color theory
  • How to dress different body types
  • Styling techniques for shoes, accessories, and jewelry
  • Even more hands-on styling experiences and challenges!
  • Day 6- Shopping Like A Stylist*
  • Pull from a contemporary fashion rental house
  • Scavenger hunt/shopping for your styling kit
  • Visit Studio Services offices
  • *Please note that Day 6 is an off-site/ homework day. Students will NOT be in the classroom
  • Day 7- Shopping Like A Stylist*
  • Shopping for your final project look
  • Pre-style and prep your final look
  • *Please note that Day 7 is an off-site/ homework day. Students will NOT be in the classroom
  • Day 8- Getting To Work
  • On-set politics and terminology
  • Learn how to dress on the job
  • How to design your business cards
  • Social media strategy and protocol
  • The most effective ways to market yourself
  • Building your resume
  • Presentations of final projects
  • Day 9- Getting To Work
  • Presentation of final projects (continued)
  • Tips for success in the industry
  • The top mistakes that could end your career
  • Winning networking techniques
  • How to book a test shoot
  • How to land your dream job
  • Graduation!

Tonya Lombardo

Since graduating SOS, I have worked with a TON of celebrities and high-level stylists.  Shakira, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Giselle Bundchen (3 times!), Alicia Keys, Drake, and Pharrell are just a few of the celebrities that I have worked with.  My highest profile job so far was my recent work with Beyoncé on the Formation video, the Superbowl 50 Halftime show and the just released Lemonade video. I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today without School of Style.


Paula Parisotto

If you are interested in a career as a wardrobe, or personal stylist you cannot not attend School of Style.  The knowledge, insider wisdom, experience and opportunities you will gain in a relatively short amount of time would otherwise take you years to acquire. Plus you’ll get jobs immediately after graduating. It’s a no brainer.


Lisa Barry

The classes provide incredible information.  It would take you years of school to be able to extract the same amount of relevant information.  SOS teaches you everything you need to know to be successful- with none of the fluff.  Luke and Lauren keep it real and tell you exactly how it is and are also there to answer questions, support you and help you make connections in the industry.


Kenzie Marie

I’ve always loved fashion and couldn’t wait to become a Stylist. As a graduate you become eligible for all the internships that are available, and the staff really try to support you as much as possible! I cannot wait to get my career started as a fashion stylist…all thanks to School of Style.


Robi Me

If styling is your passion, School of Style is the solution.


Lauren Allen

I just recently graduated from School of Style’s online class, which has allowed me to be a full time college student and SOS student simultaneously. I’m blown away by the amount of job emails I receive every day through the Style Society alumni club. Taking this class gave me the confidence, knowledge and support that I needed to move up in my fashion styling career.


Christy Bamber

Being a lifestyle blogger, my career focus was a little different from many others in the course. I wanted knowledge to give me confidence to write about fashion. This intense 9-day course provided so much more than what I expected. Luke’s realist education about the world of styling provides a roadmap on how to be successful in this industry, without giving false expectations.


Christin Galarraga

When I moved to LA I knew I wanted to do styling full time but I didn’t have the connections to open those big doors for me. School of Style opened those doors, and also gave me the tips and tools I needed to compliment what experience I already had. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my styling career.


Genevieve Tate

Thanks to SOS and the Style Society grad program, I’ve worked a lot with stylist Marni Senofonte as well as Beyoncé on ‘Project Lemonade’, her Super Bowl performance, the ‘Formation’ video and the ‘Formation World Tour’. I’ve also worked on two seasons of ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’


Rachel Jarvis

Since graduating from SOS I’ve worked Runway, Grand Theft Auto, a Dr. Dre TV show, a Blake Griffin Vizio commercial, The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Chelsea Lately, After Lately, Ray Donovan, Joan Rivers and the list goes on. Right now I don’t have a website, I’m too busy already!

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