Blog: Menswear

Pros and Cons of Made-to-Measure Menswear

June 5, 2014

By bringing men the benefits of a tailored garment at the price of one purchased off-the-rack, made-to-measure menswear has catapulted into mainstream fashion.  As opposed to ready-to-wear or custom-made designs, made-to-measure pieces take the customer’s individual measurements and interests into account by modifying standardized patterns.  Consider exploring one of mens fashion’s latest trends and check […]

4 Men’s Style Icons You Need to Know

May 30, 2014

Not yet feeling particularly strong in your menswear knoweldge? Does the phrase “list your top 3 mens style icons” strike fear into your heart? Well in addition to creating a whole menswear styling course (debuting June 7th at the W Hollywood – register here) to bring you up to speed, we’ve come up with a […]

16 Style Rules Every Man Should Know

May 20, 2014

1. The bottom button of a three button jacket (or vest) is meant to be left unbuttoned. 2. Leather of shoes and belt must ALWAYS match (and band of wristwatch if wearing one). 3. Pants and trousers should fall just above the heel of your shoe. Jeans should fall at your heel when barefoot. 4. […]

Our Top Ten Men’s Fashion Blogs

May 8, 2014

It seems like everyone knows the biggest women’s fashion blogs – the Man Repeller and Sea of Shoes might as well be everyday terms. But unless you’re particularly into menswear, you might be at a loss at which of the many menswear blogs to add to your feed (or perhaps you’re still unaware of any? […]