Our Top Ten Men’s Fashion Blogs

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It seems like everyone knows the biggest women’s fashion blogs – the Man Repeller and Sea of Shoes might as well be everyday terms. But unless you’re particularly into menswear, you might be at a loss at which of the many menswear blogs to add to your feed (or perhaps you’re still unaware of any? Trust us, we’ve got you covered). Increasing your menswear fluency may seem overwhelming, which is why we’ve gathered together for you the following 10 mens fashion blogs. Follow these diligently and you’ll be well on your way to menswear expertise. Want a quicker route? Check our our brand-new menswear styling class – we’ll teach you all the essentials and more.

1. The Fashionisto

Although it sounds like it could be fashionista.com’s male twin, The Fashionisto is actually completely unaffiliated. Yet, it’s also one of the best men’s fashion websites out there, and is School of Style’s go to resource for men’s fashion news and editorial images.  Although it’s not necessarily a “blog” per se, more like an online magazine if you will, if you can only pick one site to start following this is our suggestion.

2. Third Looks

Third Looks is your go-to resource for avant-garde, New York based street style – the idea being to curate a collection of men’s fashion images that require more investigation and study than just a second look. Although it is a great image resource, the Parsons-educated author also takes time to report on men’s fashion news, trends, and behind the scenes topics as well. As it says on the about page – “the site’s main focus is to provide personal, independent, and timely coverage of men’s fashion through varied content including personal style profiles , behind the scenes perspectives, and the latest items worth coveting.” It’s definitely #2 in our must read list, and unlike The Fashionisto, it really presents itself as a blog.

3. A Suitable Wardrobe

For those of you who want a serious education in menswear, this blog is known for detailed, in depth posts. Although this is very much classics focused (an on – you guessed it – suits), the author updates nearly daily and topics do vary. Another benefit is the curated online store that has blossomed out of the blog – the store serves as the blog’s home page and you will have to click through to an article on the main slider to get straight to the blog. Be advised, however, that this particular blog is very much word based. If you are looking for pretty pictures, not interesting commentary, read on.

4. Highsnobiety & Selectism

This is a bit of a two-for-one, as Highsnobiety and Selectism are both managed by the same media group and link back to each other. Like Fashionisto, these “blogs” are really more of online magazines, with Highsnobiety focusing on streetwear, sneakers, cars, and lifestyle news with Selectism leaning a bit more toward outdoorsy style and is also perhaps the slightest bit more traditional. Another reviewer said of Selectism, “Selectism is a go-to resource for recovering hypebeasts and sneakerheads whose tastes have evolved from Jordans to Margielas.”

5. Die, Workwear!

Like A Suitable Wardrobe, this blog focuses on classic menswear. What’s particularly great is that it focuses on what to wear (stylists read: how to put together outfits), menswear history and style icons, and sales rather than just regurgitating the latest fashion news (of which there are more than enough blogs attempting to cover). Another particular benefit is the clean but still quirky and stylish design – it’s the sort of design that makes us just want to stay and read.

6. Effortless Gent

If A Suitable Wardrobe is too wordy for you, and Die, Workwear! leans to nostalgic, you’ll love the very much how-to focused Effotless Gent. There isn’t a high fashion or editorial focus here – for that you’ll have to bring in what you’ve learned elsewhere – but for an easy to understand description of the basics, problem shooting, and resources galore, this is where you want to go. It’s probably the most foundational blog on our list, and a must read for everyone, especially stylists. These details are what your clients pay you for, the difference between an okay looking outfit and something subtly refined with a perfect fit. They even cover measurements!

7. Mister Mort

We had to bring at least one “tumblr”-like, photo-focused street style blog onto our list, and Mister Mort struck us as the most interesting and fun. There’s no pretention and there’s no ads – the photos do all the talking, and most, if not all of them, are menswear. Plus, you already knew about the Sartorialist.

8. Unabashedly Prep

As a stylist, you’re going to be expected to be able to style all different kinds of menswear. Usually the fashion sort doesn’t venture too far into prep, but when you need to pull off east coast private school or TFM-level frat, Unabashedly Prep is your crash course in preppy menswear. Just don’t overdo-it on your Vineyard Vines.

9. A Continuous Lean 

One of the OG’s of menswear blogging, A Continuous Lean has recently come to venture more and more into events, culture, travel, and design, so you might have to dig a bit to get to the fashion posts. That being said, the brilliance of this blog remains it’s focus on specifically American fashion and clothing and accessories made in the USA. Make sure to check out the American list, which gathers all of these brands together in one pretty exhaustive list.

10. Contemporary Standard

Although Contemporary Standard too reads more like a magazine than a blog, this Italian website brings some much needed Mediterranean style to our otherwise heavily US-based list. Italian style is one of our particular favorites, and following Contemporary Standard is a great place to find inspiration and ways to incorporate the effortlessly cool Italian look into your menswear looks. As it says on the site, “Mr. Standardelli” is a “legit master of Italian sprezzatura.”

Image Source: The Fashionisto

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