Graduate Interview: Lauren Biedenharn


2011 is officially the year of the grad because our grads are on fire right now!!

Lately we have had a slew of big stylists asking us for our best grads and we are delivering the goods. One of our go-to-grads is Lauren Biedenharn. Lauren’s personal style and personality grabbed our attention when she walked into our classroom this past October. That, coupled with her amazing work ethic, made her a prime candidate for some famous stylists looking for an assistant.

Since we threw Lauren into the middle of the herd, she has barely been able to come up for air! Lauren has assisted stylists giant stylists like Jessica Paster and B Akerlund for amazing music videos, shoots, and award shows such as the Academy Awards, the SAG awards, the Golden Globes, the Grammy’s, and more.  Yep, homegirl is busy!!!

Well enough of us blabbing on about Lauren. Read our interview with her below to find out how you can get your styling career moving …

School Of Style: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Lauren Biedenharn: I am 22, I grew up in Orange County, went to college at SMU in Dallas Texas, traveled around and realized my first love was just up the street… LA! I have always been interested in art and fashion and movies, but I thought I wanted to get a business degree and earn some money and learn the trade before diving into my passion, but half way through my college career I realized that I was tired of putting off what I really wanted to do that made me happy, and turned business major into Costume Design and Art major. After graduating I came to LA, and my life really kicked off.

SOS: Did you have experience in the fashion industry before attending School Of Style?

LB: I always drew fashion sketches, and attended art classes all my life. When I went to college I got a degree in Art and Costume Design. I also always took home ec classes and learned to sew in girl scouts, so yes I would say I had some sort or experience before.

SOS: When did you know you wanted to become a wardrobe stylist?

LB: I actually wanted to be a fashion designer, then when I went to college and went to art school, they did not have fashion design, but they did have costume design and costume history classes…. and I fell in love.

SOS: When did you graduate from School Of Style?

LB: I graduated Class 1 in October and Class 2 in November

SOS: Which classes did you take?

LB: 1 and 2

SOS: What was the most valuable thing you learned at School Of Style?

LB: I had a business minor and I already knew about clothing, but bringing the business side to the clothing- that connect and how to do it, was the most priceless information I have learned at SOS and really, in my 6 months in Hollywood thus far.

SOS: What was the most shocking thing you learned?

LB: How I can right off so much on my taxes, let me tell you, I have been saving a TON!

SOS: Have you been able to find work since graduating from School Of Style?

LB: Yes, I am working with Jessica Paster right now for award season, and I might be working with another stylist in the future or a PR in April. I have had a lot of job opportunities…

** Lauren has assisted on jobs with stars like Britney Spears, Elle Fanning, Rebecca Romijn, Emily Blunt and more **

SOS: Describe your ”style” as a stylist:

LB: As a stylist, I really believe in making a person have a fantastic silhouette according to how their body is made, and making them feel and look as good as possible in their own skin. Next thing I am very interested in is dressing someone in something that always has a wow factor, either in beauty, or shocking excitement. I never have anyone playing one note… sexy, or elegant, or artsy, its the art of combining two or more elements harmoniously.

SOS: Is that different than your personal style? If so, describe your personal style:

LB: Um, I like to switch up my personal style daily depending on my mood, and my plans for the day. But I think Im a mixture of punk rocker and indie/hippy. My costume teacher in college use to also call me a gay boy in a girls body…. whatever that means.

SOS: Who is your dream client?

LB: My dream client is Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or The Sex Pistols in their prime
Who are your favorite designers?

SOS: Favorite trends?

LB: I love Native American and south western trends, punk/goth trends, and mod styles.

SOS: Trends you wish would die?

LB: I love to hate the Guido trend and the sorority/frat boy trends. But to each their own.

SOS: What are your favorite places to shop?

LB: April 77, The Cobrashop, International Playground, Vintage stores, Opening Ceremony, Urban Outfitters

SOS: Any tips you would like to share with other stylists who are just starting out?

LB: Two things that will help you at least in Hollywood:

1. Fake it till you make it – confidence is the only way anyone will take you seriously.

2. Never burn a bridge – trust is whats keeps you around and not gossiping is what will give you leverage.

Get more of Lauren on her site, here, and on Twitter!!

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