Career Timeline: Lori Goldstein

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Lori Goldstein's 'Style Is Instinct' book launch, New York, America - 29 Oct 2013

Lori Goldstein is an industry giant – it’s hard to find a heavier hitter.

She’s worked with over forty fashion designers over the years including the likes of Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera and Hermes, and shot with the best of fashion photographers including Steven Meisel, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, and Mario Testino. Her work has graced the covers of Vogue Italia, W, Vanity Fair, and Harpers Bazaar, and she’s styled celebrities the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, Demi Moore, and Scarlett Johansson. She’s even populated a coffee table book with just the highlights of her styling work over the years. But would you believe she started in LA in retail, a transplant from Ohio? Read on for how Lori Goldstein made it to the top.

Approximately 1958

Lori Goldstein is born in Columbus, Ohio, and grows up in Cincinnati.

Mid to Late 1970s

Lori moves from Ohio to Los Angeles, and gets a job working for Fred Segal at his boutique.

At 20, Fred brings her on a buying trip to New York City and takes her to Fiorucci. Lori immediately knows New York is the place for her, and moves there. At Fiorucci, she meets Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, and Patricia Field. As of yet, she still doesn’t even know what a “stylist” is.


After dabbling in design, one of Lori’s friends suggests she become a stylist. Lori starts test shooting and builds a book (a styling portfolio). Another friend working at Macy’s at the time introduces her to Terry Melville in advertising, and literally the next day Lori is styling for Macy’s, shooting with Albert Watson.

Her next big break comes when yet another friend (connections are key!) – a performance artist – is featured in Vanity Fair, and has Lori style her. Annie Leibovitz is the photographer.



Lori styles the “Individuals of Style” gap campaign, shot by Annie Leibovitz. It was the first of its kind to cast famous people instead of models.


Meets photographer Steven Meisel, who in turn introduces her to Polly Mellen. Polly hires Lori to style for Allure. Lori also styles many shoots with Steven for Vogue Italia. At this point in time, Lori reminisces, “there was really no such thing as credits” and she was free in her sourcing of designers to use whatever so fit her aesthetic.



Demi Moore’s infamous naked and pregnant Vanity Fair cover is styled by Lori. Of the cover, Lori says that the nudity was not planned, but that it was an organic development during shooting that led to the now iconic photo.

Mid 1990s

Joe Zee meets Lori at an Allure party and becomes her assistant. According to Joe, their meeting went something like this: “I said, ‘I have to work for you. I’m your biggest fan. I’m obsessed with your work. I love the last story you did’ — it was for Italian Glamour, with the girls in the bathing suits and knit hats with the blow-up pool. It must’ve been ’91 or ’92. That shoot was iconic for me.” – from



Styles Madonna’s music video for “Take a Bow” – Lori is the genius behind the iconic veil.


Donatella Versace asks Lori to work with her, which results in an ad campaign for Versace shot by Steven Meisel based on “Valley of the Dolls”. Lori considers it one jobs she’s most proud of in her career thus far.


Lori also ignites the vintage trend with the March 2000 Issue of Italian Vogue.




Creates line called LOGO with QVC. Of it, Lori tells “ I love high fashion–I’m obsessed with all things gorgeous–but I also believe in accessibility to fashion. You know, I come from Ohio. I understand that most people don’t have the same resources I have. So one day, I wanted to bring what I loved to them.”


Lori also appears as a guest judge & fashion stylist on ANTM season 16.


Joins W Magazine as style editor at large.


Becomes Fashion-Editor-at-Large for Elle Magazine – ironically now reporting to her former assistant, Creative Director Joe Zee.



Releases “Style is Instinct” – her anthology showing her best work from her 30 years in the industry.

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