Assistant Stylist 101: Top 10 Ways To Get Fired

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So you’ve finally landed a job as an assistant stylist or as an intern for a stylist, congratulations! You might go in thinking that being an assistant or an intern is a walk in the park. We are here to tell you that isn’t the case. One misstep can lead into one of three things: 1.) getting yelled and screamed at 2.) getting fired on the spot or 3.) never getting called by that stylist ever again.

It’s a harsh truth, but it’s the truth all the same. Another truth is  your job is very important. It is important to the key stylist and it is important to building your career as a stylist.

With that being said, here are the Top 10 Ways to Get Fired as an assistant stylist/ intern. If you do the opposite of this list, you should be alright.

1.) Be late: It’s definitely a pet peeve of ours! Even if your key stylist is 20 minutes late (they usually will be) you should be on time. In fact, you should probably be a few minutes early.

2.) Dress like a tramp: Nothing says rookie like a girl in 6 inch heels. Nothing says disrespectful like a girl showing a ton of cleavage. Dressing like a skankity ho is not only uncomfortable (being a stylist is a very physical job), it is a real turn off to your key stylist … especially if she is older and less hot than you are.

3.) Network above your level: Bad move here!! It’s great to network on set, its how you build contacts to grow your career. However, networking with people that your key stylist should be networking with is grounds for immediate dismissal. Network with the other assistants, let your key handle schmoozing with the big dogs.

4.) Don’t answer your cell phone: When your phone rings, you best be answering it. We don’t care if you are in the bathroom or on the other line. If your key is calling, you answer!!

5.) Have a cell phone without email capabilities: Have a phone without the ability to receive email? Bye. It’s that simple. As as stylist you will be doing the majority of your work away from your desk. It is important that you bring the desk to you via a phone with email capabilities. Blackberry or iPhone? Whatever. Just get one that works.

6.) Flirt with everyone: Sure some of the best romances blossom on set but that doesn’t give you a free pass to flirtatiousville.  You are at work to work. End of story.

7.) Be loud on set: So important. As as assistant/intern you need to be like a little ghost … a very helpful ghost that only appears and makes sounds when asked to. On set there is no time for loudness and excessive talking. Don’t do it.

8.) Have a car without GPS: Key stylist: “Do you have GPS?” Assistant stylist: “Yes, on my phone.” WRONG ANSWER!! You’ve got to have GPS in your car. It’s one of the most handy tools for a stylist and yes, key stylists will ask if you have one before hiring you.

9.) Try and take credit for your key stylists work: Its common for the assistant to style a killer look that brings on a brigade of accolades. Wouldn’t it be great if you take the credit for it? It would be great but you can’t. Its a tough pill to swallow but get used to it and NEVER ever take credit … the credit always goes to the key.

10.) Lose your receipts, paperwork, or clothing: As an assistant you need to be an organization machine. Losing things will be a one-way ticket to getting screamed at like a child. Make copies of things, staple things to your body … whatever it takes, just don’t lose things.

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