Assistant Stylist 101: Contacts are Everything

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In fashion (and in life), its all about who you know. As an up-and-coming stylist, being connected is key. It is super important to be connected to people in your industry both socially and in a business capacity. Having great connections will not only help you move up in the industry, it will help you be more valuable as an assistant stylist. Let me explain …

When you go to work as an assistant stylist there is a lot of running around to do, calls to make, and emails to send. There is noting more painful to a key stylist than taking the time to write down every piece of contact information you will need for the day.  So having your own arsenal of contacts will quickly elevate you to super-assistant status, and in turn, will make you a key stylist faster.

Another bonus/ brownie points giver that comes with having your own set of contacts, is sharing new contacts with your key stylists. If you discover a new showroom or a brand new boutique, add that info to your contacts. If you share that info you will be assistant gold. Stylists love finding new places to shop for their clients.

So how do you get these magical contacts? Here are a few ways …

1.) Go card collecting! Go to every fashion event you can and collect business cards. At the end of the night, add all of those contacts to address book.

2.) Google like a mad man. Look up great boutiques, designers, and showrooms and add them to your address book.

3.) Visit the LookBook. The LookBook is a great site that has every fashion contact in the world at the click of a mouse. There is a monthly subscription but if you are working constantly, this is a good tool to have.

4.) Use the SOS Contact Book. Yep, we have a contact book. Luke who has been styling for 12 years has taken his big book of contacts and has turned it into a book. You can purchase the book on our site and download it right to your computer!

So there you go … Your ticket be being a well connect super stylist!

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