5 Books Every Personal Stylist Should Own

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If you want to be personal stylist (or any type of stylist actually) you need to self-educate constantly. The best and easiest way to by reading books. Yes, the lost of art of reading something that isn’t on your smart phone.

We have the 5 books that every budding personal stylist should own.

Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That’s Right for Your Body

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly from TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear’ co-author this fabulous book on dressing for your body type. What we love about this book is that there is a solution to every body type. From petite to tall, curvy to thin – they have everyone covered. Get this book.

Details Men’s Style Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Making Your Clothes Work for You

So many women want to work as a personal stylist but they only know how to style women. Not good. You need to know how to style both men and women. The Details Men’s Style Manual will show you the ropes. From how to tie a tie to learning the subtle art of dressing men. We can’t live without this one.

Style Yourself

How familiar are you with a garment glossary? Not familiar enough is our guess. This book has the best illustrated guide to every clothing type ever created.

The Pocket Stylist: Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Look

Another fabulous body type book. This little red book is basically the bible for personal stylists.

What to Wear, Where: The How-to Handbook for Any Style Situation

Everyone’s favorite website, Who What Wear, has an amazing book that guides you through dressing for EVERY occasion. Need to dress a client for a high school reunion, trip to an art gallery, or a concert? This book has figured out the dress code for literally every occasion. Not only is this useful for your clients, it’s pretty awesome for you too!

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